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Ares Security Vehicles armouring is professionally integrated into the shell and the doors of the vehicles. The result is a complete armoured structure that contributes to reinforcing the original body of the vehicle. The pillars carrying the doors are specially reinforced at the hinge mounting points, which are directly attached to the armouring structure, and the doors are reinforced in a similar way with the hinge mounting-points also directly attached to the armouring of the door. In this way, the whole added weight of the armouring of the door is supported by the armoured structure of the shell thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the assembly and preventing undue stress on the original body structure. Suspension and brake upgrades are included in the standard specifications, as well as the protection of the battery and the fuel-tank.

Most of Ares Security Vehicles production is armoured to level “B6” but Ares Security Vehicles offers a range of protection levels from “B4” to “B7” based on the European CEN standards, and will also provide protection according to other ballistic standards such as NATO STANAG, US NIJ, Russian GHOST or any specific standard required by the customer.

Ares Security Vehicles in B6 level are armoured using materials, both opaque and transparent, that meet or exceed the requirements of the European CEN 1522/23 and CEN 1063 standards to the level FB6 for opaque areas and BR6 for transparent areas.

All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality armour steel and glass defeating 7.62x51mm M80 Nato Ball ammunition (U.S. NIJ level III, CEN level B6) and 5.56×45 SS109 ammunition (CEN levels B5 and B6) at 0° incidence (90° to the surface) and 10m range according to CEN1063 and CEN1522.

  • The armouring is integrated inside the vehicle’s cab and forms a complete self-supporting structure so as to avoid excessive stress on the vehicle’s original structure.
  • The interior armour-frame provides overlap for the large-surface armour components such as the door armour-plates and the windows.
  • Hinge mounting points are reinforced both in the pillars and in the doors in a way that the armouring of the door is supported by the armouring of the pillar.
  • Heavy-duty hinges with in-built door-stop.
  • Fuel-tank(s) protected with steel armour-plates.
  • The battery and control module of the engine are protected to the same level as the opaque areas.

Only materials that were successfully tested against projectiles and explosives by independent laboratories used in the production of the armouring. Test reports will be presented upon request or during a factory visit.

Additional equipment included as standard:
Further optional equipment is available beyond ASV’s standard specifications, such as

  • Operable front-door windows
  • Police siren
  • Public address system
  • Bull-bar
  • Gun-ports
  • Communications equipment (VHF, UHF, satellite…)
  • Electronic Counter Measure Equipment (RF Jammer)
  • Video recording/surveillance equipment
  • Higher ballistic protection level
  • Additional blast protection
  • Other (please contact ASV-ME with your specific requirements)